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Yebeteseb Chewata with Nesanet part 23

“You need to kick the bucket if later you eat Kitfo?” The Entertaining and amusing family game show Season 16 Episode 23 have craftsman Nesanet Workneh. The show highlighted various kinds of metal models, canvases that pre-owned rust as paint, and masterpieces that fuse tires and elastic. “Works of art, for example, Identity Symbol and Symbol of Rust draw an obvious conclusion of the past to introduce through a particular vernacular of images. His innovation of elastic craftsmanship makes another medium that offers the uncommon utilization of artistic work. The Improvisation Series is loaded up with a new, free nebulous and social articulation that will end up being immortal,” Meghoo said.

While the presentation praised the tenth commemoration of Netsa Art Village, the initial meeting additionally saw the festival of Capital Newspaper’s twentieth Anniversary festivity. Capital, all through its 20 years of presence has consistently upheld artistic expression and cultural area. One of Capital’s missions is to advance cultural qualities which incorporate various types of imaginative articulations. It subsequently fills me with remarkable pride and individual fulfillment to be essential for Tesfahun Kibru’s extraordinary imaginative excursion, finishing with this evening’s show, fittingly themed ‘Union of Art.

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