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Yebetseb Chewata Entertaining game show Season 15 EP 21

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The entertaining family game Q&A show Yebetseb Chewata, hosted by the famous Ethiopian artist Nesanet Workneh. Season 15 Episode 21. We have been involved exclusively in the areas ranging from enterprise network services and business automation intelligence to smart infrastructure and cloud services, including building data centers, importing and deploying IT equipment’s and installing applications into data centers.

Additionally, we have been working on office automation. In our twelve years of existence, we have been able to move all of the Ethiopian Airlines data to new servers, and update their core networking system. We have built a data center for the Ministry of revenue, finance, and agriculture.

For the Federal Auditor General, we have built data centers including the physical work. For banks, we have upgraded data systems of the commercial bank of Ethiopia, Dashen bank, Awash, and also Debub global bank. We have built data infrastructure for lots of universities including Wello University, Bahirdar, Arbaminch, and Addis Ababa.

These in brief are some of our success stories in the field of technology advancements in our sector. In terms of Applications, we have been working in two major ways. Firstly have been partnering with big application companies where we reprogram the product based on the demand of the customer.

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