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Yebetseb Chewata Season 15

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Most interesting snapshots of Season 15 Yebeteseb Chewata with have the renowned craftsman Nesanet Workneh. For quite a long time, the country’s education rates were low, especially among young ladies and ladies. In any case, since acquiring its autonomy in 1993, Eritrea has gained huge headway in proficiency levels.

Information from UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics for 2018 demonstrates that with regards to 76.6 percent of grown-ups in Eritrea are proficient, with youth (15 – 24 years) education remaining at about 93.3 percent. This shows progress from the 52% education pace of grown-ups and 77.9 percent of youth in 2002. These sorts stand apart emphatically inside the district and across the mainland.

Eritrea’s expansions in youth proficiency have been perceived by UNESCO as being among the greatest accomplishments anyplace on the planet in the course of recent years. Eritrea’s surprising advancement is established in various variables and the aftereffect of an all-encompassing methodology. The nation has made the advancement of instruction and education a public need.

“For a youthful, generally little country, Eritrea is truly enriched with extensive and broadened assets. It has immense potential in the extractive business, rich marine assets, high travel industry potential, and locational benefits.

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