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Yebtseb Chewata with Nesanet Workneh Episode 12

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EBS TV engaging family game show Yebtseb Chewata with craftsman Nesanet Workneh Season 15 Episode 12 watch and appreciate. These awesome works, carved onto the stone in northern Djibouti, are among the main instances of rock craftsmanship in the Horn of Africa, a district wealthy in archeological legacy and the origination of mankind. Extending three kilometers (very nearly two miles), approximately 900 boards at Abourma portray in great alleviation ancient life in these parts, emotional scenes of an early man facing untamed life, and droving cows.

In any case, these extremely old pictures, delivered by stone onto the volcanic stone, additionally offer an important record of a former period, and land definitely reshaped by centuries of environmental change. The untamed life represented are as yet discovered today on Africa’s fields and meadows, yet not in Djibouti, a cruel desert scene where water and plant life have been scant for millennia.

“Today, Abourma is something of a burial ground since we don’t have these creatures here any longer. At that point, they meandered here on the grounds that Djibouti was shrouded in timberland,” said Omar Mohamed Kamil, a youthful local escort who takes guests to Abourma.

“In Abourma… we are somewhat taken out from development. We are in the ancient times, we are living in ancient times.” This mother lode lies a six-hour drive away from the capital, Djibouti City, then, at that point a further one hour by walking over a jagged breadth of rocks.

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