Yegir esat drama artist Netsanet Ayitenifusu got married

Because young people are first experiencing sensations of romantic love and attraction, teen dating and relationships can be perplexing for them. They are only now beginning to understand everything. You can only imagine how much more of a challenge it may be for teenagers given that these are feelings that many mature adults battle with. Preteens and teens typically encounter sensations of infatuation or a crush as their first emotions. The young individual is not used to such strong emotions, which are readily misinterpreted for love. Young love frequently rests solely on emotions. There hasn’t yet been a task or obstacle that the pair has tackled and overcome together. They feel strongly about one another. They probably flush when the other’s name is brought up, become hot under the palms, feel their hearts race, and yearn for the other. They frequently don’t even know one another well. The teen is not choosing these emotions; they are simply a natural response. When a relationship encounters its first difficulty, such as a quarrel between the pair, it may become exaggerated. Those who are in a new relationship incorrectly think that there are no difficulties in love. The exact opposite, however, is true. When a couple makes the decision to persevere through their difficulties and stick together in spite of them, true love begins to grow.

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