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Yegna Neger with historian, Professor Fikre Tolossa

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Meeting with student of history Professor Fikre Tolossa on Yegna Neger show. Dr. Fikre claims that I have lived outside Ethiopia for a very long time and am far taken out from the current reality in Ethiopia. To set everything on the right track despite the fact that, I have been away from my country for a long time, as I might suspect he did, I have educated and done research there since 1998 when I was sent by the United Nations to instruct at Addis Ababa University as visiting teacher. I have likewise been appointed under the support of the Swedish government to instruct at a similar college as visiting teacher in 2011.

Besides, I have been welcomed by Addis Ababa University to take an interest in the improvement of its alumni program with many talented Ethiopian researchers at home and from around the world. What’s more, there were times when the college paid my costs to make a trip to Addis Ababa to assess Ph.D. graduates in political theory. Throughout the previous 20 years, I have directed a great deal of exploration subsidized by my college in Ethiopia.

To satisfy the reason, I have gone to Ethiopia for at least 3 months consistently and in 2016, I was in Addis for a very long time where I introduced a paper at a Western Michigan University-supported gathering at Addis Ababa University and was really examining research work at the Forum for Social Studies with Prof. Bahru Zewde, the time Dr. Fikre was directing his bookmarking. In this way, I am not as distant from the truth in my country anything else than he does.

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