YeLeb Weg – Dog and Marlita Part 2

Meet with Dagi show and Marlita ethio on Yeleb Weg program section two. These works are documentation of the undeniably changing scene of Addis Ababa and the networks that live in areas like Kasanchis, Piassa, and Arat Kilo. By looking at the individual and public spaces here these works document dividers and pinnacles bound to disintegrate, following an example of inequity and social bad form.

Addis Gezehagn, a long-lasting creative presence in Addis Ababa, is known for depicting the complex attributes of the city’s inhabitants by itemizing the outside exteriors of their homes. Throughout the long term, he has adopted an inexorably reductive strategy to his work, delivering whole cityscapes as a level interwoven of vivid entryways and doors. Addis is a 2011 alumni of Addis Ababa University’s Alle School of Fine Art. Smoothed and reductive, the work Addis envisions cityscapes as pinnacles or interwoven designs vivid entryways and doors, the building structures appearing to imply a characteristic, natural organization of living spaces.

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