Yes I love eating Shiro…why do you think I don’t

Your thoughts have a big impact on your feelings and actions. Your inner monologue actually has a way of coming true on its own. “I will never get hired for this job,” or “Nobody ever listens to me,” are examples of thoughts that can change your behavior and cause those predictions to come true.
Try substituting more pragmatic thoughts for excessively pessimistic ones. When you catch yourself thinking anything along the lines of, “I’m a loser and I’ll never amount to anything,” try to remind yourself that this isn’t always the case. Your mental fortitude will be diminished if you let your feelings rule your existence. Although it’s acceptable to feel down occasionally, it might be dangerous to remain in a negative state. If you’re not careful, sadness can evolve into self-pity, anger can become bitterness, and mild anxiety can become crippling fear. Many issues are the result of trying to stay comfortable. For instance, those who fear failing frequently shy away from taking on new tasks in an attempt to manage their anxiety. However, putting up with emotional discomfort is typically a band-aid fix that causes bigger issues down the road. Recognize the effects that your emotions have on your life. Make the decision to take charge of your emotions rather than letting them rule you. Take responsibility for your life and confront uncomfortable emotions head-on. As you continue to practice enduring discomfort, your confidence in your capacity to take on new difficulties will grow.

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