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Yesuf Ibrahim issued a strong statement


Press Secretary for the Office of the Prime Minister, Billene Seyoum told the worldwide media today that in the previous weeks there have been proceeded with bravados endeavored by certain news sources to subvert the exercises being done by the public authority of Ethiopia to give a helpful guide in Tigray.

As per her, those media took a particularly one-sided position all in all thing for the fear-based oppressor TPLF by undermining the administration of the Ethiopian government. “In the previous weeks, we have seen the proceeded with the bluster of the fear-based oppressor TPLF in certain news sources endeavoring to ruin the administration of the Ethiopian government just as the endeavors that have been made.”

Regardless of whether TPLF has proceeded with its hawkish infringement into different districts and hindered the helpful guards, Billene showed somewhere in the range of 157 trucks of compassionate help have entered the Tigray locale and this has additionally reached in Mekele city starting yesterday.

These trucks contained food and non-food things conveyed by compassionate entertainers like the World Food Program and other UN offices just as worldwide associations that are working in the area, the secretary uncovered. Noticing that the public authority of Ethiopia has been applying endeavors to work with a got entry of compassionate escort into Tigray, nonetheless, she said the fear-based oppressor TPLF’s manipulative mission has been deceiving the worldwide local area about the truth on the ground.