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Yonatan Tesfaye was appointed by the prime minister

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The workplace of the Prime Minister declared the arrangements of three authorities for the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority. Ethiopia today reported three arrangements by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as of April 5, 2021.

The authorities are named to the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority. In like manner, Mohammed Idris Mohammed is named as Director-General of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority while Yonathan Tesfaye Regassa and Gizaw Tesfaye are selected as Deputy Director-General of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority.

Elevated by these guarantees, trusts ran high and ideological groups multiplied in the country. 107 gatherings marked a set of principles in March 2019 for the decisions in front of them. From that point forward, the quantity of territorial and public ideological groups had become more than 160.

In any case, out of these gatherings, just 53 had the option to finish the enrollment interaction by the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) in view of the inability to satisfy prerequisites like getting true marks of 10,000 establishing individuals for public gatherings and 4,000 for provincial gatherings.

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