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Although there are numerous small elements that can be corrected when learning to sing, there are two major differences that distinguish amateurs from professionals. Pitch and Resonance are two terms that are often used interchangeably. If you’ve mastered pitch but are still sounding like an amateur, the next step is to master resonance.
Speaking position and singing position are the two general mouth, tongue, and throat positions. Singing in a speaking position should be discouraged, with the exception of a few adolescent pop/rock genres. To be honest, singing in the speaking posture shouts “amateur” to me.

Open your mouth as if you’re about to speak the word ‘and,’ then stop. Your jaw is somewhat open, and your tongue is forward in your mouth, as you can see. Without the initial sound production in the vocal cords, the sound resonance occurs mostly in the nose and marginally in the mouth, with little or no resonance in the throat.
Singing in this position sounds nasal and unprofessional. The majority of people who learn to sing begin by singing in this manner since it is the most natural and comfortable for them. After all, they’ve spent their entire lives in the speaking posture. It’s instinctive. It’s pre-programmed.

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