“You are not drunk….” Tesfahun Kebede Frash Adash

Writing is frequently a daily chore in numerous occupations spanning several industries, from sending emails to creating presentations. Grammar and spelling are only a small part of writing ability. Your writing’s ability to effectively deliver the intended message depends on a number of factors, including accuracy, clarity, persuasiveness, and others. Writing is a technical talent that you can utilise to successfully communicate via writing. There are several of them that cut across categories, however they may vary based on what you’re writing. Effective communication, which many companies view as a critical job ability, includes good writing. In fact, among the nine key employability qualities that employers look for in job prospects, good communication across written, spoken, non-verbal, and visual is one of them. When consuming alcohol, a person will go through certain stages that are rather predictable. Depending on a number of variables, each person experiences intoxication at a different stage. Weight, age, sex, rate of intake, general health, amount of alcohol consumed, and amount of food in the stomach all affect how people react to alcohol. Alcohol can be a part of a healthy lifestyle when used moderately. One drink per day for women and two drinks per day for males is considered moderate usage. However, there can be moments when you consume more alcohol than is regarded as reasonable.

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