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Ethiopia plans to offer foreign corporations interests in some state-owned businesses to help modernize them, the prime minister said on Monday, signaling a shift away from relying on government investment to fuel growth.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said at a news conference that the move will include offering a stake in the state-owned Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise, without identifying any companies or specifying the value of any stakes on offer.

It was unclear whether the move would involve opening up the government-run telecommunications industry or banks owned by private Ethiopian investors or the government. Those industries have attracted the attention of foreign investors. Perhaps they’ve discovered new love since moving on. Perhaps they’ve moved on in their lives, and their circumstances have changed in such a way that they no longer feel they can accommodate you as a couple. Water does flow under the bridge, even if you’ve learnt your lesson and changed. The past is no longer relevant. Some things are beyond your control. You only have today to live. Now is the time. Make use of it. If you find yourself unable to move on with this individual because they have chosen not to, be gracious. If they’re expressing their feelings to you, realize that it’s out of love and respect.

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