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You chefs took the 30 thousand prize

Food is more than just something individuals consume when they’re hungry. Food is awe-inspiring, delicious, innovative, colorful, and inspiring, to name a few adjectives. A shared love of food may bring people together and make even the saddest person feel better without them even realizing it. I enjoy food and believe you should as well. There’s nothing like having your entire family gathered at the table for dinner. Food acts as a connector, bringing people together. Getting the whole family together for Christmas Eve dinner or Thanksgiving dinner at your grandparents’ house, treating a friend to a birthday dinner, or having annual family gatherings are all great ways to stay in contact and connect with relatives and friends you may not see on a regular basis. If a distant relative or family acquaintance I hadn’t seen in a long time happened to be in Boston and offered to take me out to dinner to ‘catch up,’ you can bet I’d accept. Food is a beautiful thing since it can bring people together and keep loved ones close. Consider how many times you’ve texted a friend to say something like, “Hey, want to get ice cream?” or “Rise and shine, we’re going to breakfast.” Many social gatherings are oriented around food, even if you aren’t aware of it. Dinner parties for birthdays or holidays, city visits, lunch dates, cocktail parties, happy hours, and even pizza parties in your dorm room are all possibilities.

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