You did everything on purpose….

The problem that most people appear to be able to identify to is that psychologically strong people do not give away their power. It’s something we all do from time to time. Perhaps you allowed your coworker’s poor mood to ruin your day. Or maybe you let someone’s comments hurt your self-esteem. Allowing someone to have a negative influence on how you think, feel, or behave gives them power over your life. It will deprive you of the mental fortitude required to attain your full potential. When you give up your power, it’s sometimes evident. One example is losing your temper and doing something you later regret. However, it is also possible to relinquish power in more subtle ways. If you modify your behaviour because someone touches your heart, you give that person control over you. Speak out, keep your word, and refuse to give in when someone tries to play on your emotions. Some people will dislike you, and others will dislike your decisions. However, you do not have to allow their ideas influence how you feel about yourself. Feeling horrible about yourself because of something someone says or how they feel about you gives that person too much power over you. You get to choose who you let into your life. If you become resentful of people who use too much of your energy, it’s an indication that you’re not establishing clear limits. Set physical, emotional, and financial boundaries.

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