You didn’t marry your husband…he is not coming

Breakups are extremely traumatic, especially those that occur soon before marriage. An former coworker came up to me and asked for my opinion on what to do about his ex-girlfriend, who stole the money he had saved for their wedding and is now engaged to someone else. Fortunately, aside from the money, there were no prior plans or marriage preparations underway. We all have that one friend who either just chose to drop out or seems to break up with someone weeks before getting married. I listened to his account of how he was used in a complicated, poisonous relationship and how all of his anger built up. Having trust issues can cause hesitation because you or your spouse may be growing the relationship with the wrong intentions, such as for monetary, social, or attentional gain. Getting married out of guilt and fear When you are thinking, “I should back up now while I still have the chance because I’m not ready for this,” but you feel guilty because of all you have been through with them, you only then recognise that things are about to get serious. various communication modalities Instead of working together to reach a common understanding, it is more often disregarded, only to happen again and leave you both feeling utterly disgusted with one another.

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