“You feel it more than me..” Tesfahun Frash Adash

Acceptance and satisfaction are essential for achieving serenity and happiness. Recognise that you will face challenges in life and develop coping mechanisms. Possessing emotional, bodily, or even monetary contentment is the definition of contentment. An individual with inner serenity is not excited by the desire for possessions and money. Having a calm mind can be aided by decluttering. This entails organising your life in addition to clearing out your belongings and cleaning your house. Have you ever noticed how anxious you become when you see a cluttered wardrobe? Decluttering can benefit you because of this. If you can avoid it, why expose yourself to something that would make you stressed? Start managing your life by planning your home, your responsibilities, and your thoughts. Let go of your regrets to discover serenity and happiness. Keep in mind that these errors helped you become a better person. In the future, you’re going to make mistakes, so learn to accept it and move on. In order to be at peace and happy, one must take care of oneself. If you can’t love yourself, how can you ever experience true happiness? To take care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health is to love yourself. These include maintaining a healthy weight, working out frequently, and taking care of your entire wellbeing. You radiate this wonderful energy towards others when you practise self-care and have a positive relationship with yourself. When you feel good about yourself, just think of how wonderful and serene your life can be.

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