You gave us our daughter back….may God bless you

Maintaining the flirtation is a terrific approach to be playful in a relationship. You two are more than just friends; you two are also in a romantic relationship. By flirting with your partner, you maintain that flame even outside of the bedroom. Therefore, try to be a little cheeky with whatever you’re doing whenever you want to be playful. Whether it’s a flirtatious remark, a sly grin, an innuendo, or a touch. Next, doing fun things with your partner, things that easily bring out your playful, fun side, is the second factor that makes it easier to be playful in a relationship. Therefore, any games or activities are generally suitable for this. They make it simpler and provide a foundation upon which you can expand your sense of play. You see, engaging in an activity alone does not make you playful, but it does provide simple opportunities to become more so. Thus, banter and playfulness go hand in hand. It keeps the relationship light and is playful, fun, and flirtatious. You might have nicknames, recite certain movie quotes over and over, dance maniacally while preparing dinner, or use a covert gesture to signal to someone across the room, “Come rescue me from this conversation.” Although these insignificant, silly gestures may seem unimportant, they play a significant role in what makes relationships work. Couples who play together stay together, to put it another way. Play is important for adults as well, despite what we may think. Being playful personally aids in stress management, mental health promotion, and creativity enhancement. It improves satisfaction and may even result in deeper bonds in love relationships.

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