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Going to and from work, accusing your coworker and then accusing yourself, thinking you’ve noticed it and then recognizing you’re insane: it’s inconvenient, horrible, and humiliating. It can also feel as if it’ll go on until the cows come home. The best way to figure out where you stand is to understand reality. Regardless, how can you determine if she’s cheating if she doesn’t just come up to you and ask? So… a word of caution here: attempting to find proof here can lead you into a truly disgusting realm if you’re not careful. While you should maintain a wary eye, it’s easy to become enthralled and begin assaulting her insurance. As a result, there are certain imperative “don’ts” that must be met:
If the verification is present, don’t dismiss it; in any case, you’ll need to either let her goof or give her some space while you look for indicators she’s swindling somewhere else. To assist you sort through the tangles and causes, we’ve put together a list of the best ways to detect whether your significant other is cheating, as well as 23 signs your darling is cheating.

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