You have to see it to understand it

I’m aware that I wasn’t acting alone. Since having my twins, I’ve talked to other people who are expecting twins about the surprise, delight, and worries that come with having two children at home. You are probably in my shoes if you are reading this. You can still be experiencing an emotional roller coaster after learning you are having twins. You may be unsure about the birth or curious about how other twin parents handled the news. Due to the added expense of having two children, you want to get the best cribs and twin strollers but are also on a tighter budget. In sum, you’re trying to have a happy attitude throughout your pregnancy while being astonished and afraid. After learning I was having twins, I sobbed every day for a week. I was a mess for the first several days as I dealt with my fears and felt worried about the delivery. Thankfully, the remainder of my twin pregnancy wasn’t as bleak. Yes, especially in the first trimester, the initial rush of emotions can be really overpowering. I even felt bad for not being ecstatic about having two children, especially when so many people had trouble getting pregnant. And no, I didn’t immediately feel assured and upbeat after the first week was over.

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