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Young Sami is back home after 11 days

The concept of a mother blessing was inspired by the ancient Navajo women of North America’s blessing way rite. It is a support and rite-of-passage ceremony to commemorate the significant and life-changing transformation that the pregnant woman is going to undergo. A mother blessing provides a comparable sense of support for the expecting mother by bringing together the expectant woman’s closest family and friends in an intimate, spiritual, and ritualistic event. A mother blessing, unlike a regular baby shower, focuses only on supporting, empowering, and encouraging the mother-to-be through this vital journey into motherhood. The goal is that she will leave the gathering feeling full of love and support. This type of ceremony is observed in some form or another by all cultures around the world. There are no restrictions when it comes to organizing a mother blessing, whether you want to keep it simple in your living room or lavishly adorn a huge location. This sacred, honest, and beautiful gathering of purpose can be honored in a variety of ways, but it always includes a sequence of rites and ceremonies that honor life and the strength of the pregnant woman. To honor the pregnant woman, an alter or small space is often set up, which can include items such as candles, flowers, a plaque, ornaments, and/or photos, which can be placed in the center of the circle or out to the side. It is also customary for guests to bring one or two gifts to be utilized as part of the chosen rites to honor the mother-to-be.

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