Your picture is more beautiful than you

You must go through their defenses if you wish to build a relationship with such a person. You’ll have to exercise all of your patience because it is a difficult process. Decide whether to persevere through to the end or give up when you still haven’t lost anything before starting and wasting time. If you do decide to try, you will have to put everything into it, and it can take years to make progress. Here are some advice that could assist raise your odds from zero to maybe if you still want to take on the task of courting someone who is frightened of love.
Methods that are aggressive, passive-aggressive, or neither will fail. If you approach them, they will turn you away. You will have to wait forever if you wait for them to come to you. Recognize that your heart is your sole weapon. They need to have a gaping hole in their hearts filled. It’s in our nature. Their brain will actively work against you in order to keep you from approaching it. So, without alerting their brain, you must gradually replace that void with thoughts of yourself. They can stop themselves from being in a relationship, even though they cannot stop themselves from falling in love (again). The dreaded friend zone is where you can accomplish this task most easily. Never, not even a hint, suggest that you wish to date them. You may only tell one and only one white lie at a time. In addition, you must be truthful. Most likely, the ex who makes people terrified of love betrayed them. Lies are one way that betrayal has taken shape. They will therefore abhor lying and liars.

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