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youths dancing in Addis Ababa Malta Guinness event

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For the most of the year, dance floors across Africa were reduced to tumbleweeds. Great music, on the other hand, continued to flourish, with African artists generating runaway singles that restored the continent’s reputation for a thriving dance culture. As a result of the crisis, musicians were compelled to reinvent themselves, with most of their content being supplied directly to fans via live broadcasts, digital performances, and surprise releases. The music was a nice diversion from the pandemic and the world around us, and it also served as a source of hope to some extent. As we say our goodbyes to 2020, we’ve compiled a collection of some of the year’s most remarkable dance tracks from African performers. South Africa and Nigeria, the continent’s music powerhouses, lead the list as expected. Busiswa, the queen of dance, debuted in amapiano with her sultry all-girl summer tune ‘SBWL.’ MFR Souls, the genre’s pioneers, reached the big time in 2020 with ‘Amanikiniki,’ one of the most popular amapiano compositions. Kamo Mphela, an Internet dancing sensation, appears in both songs.
Although House DJ Master KG did not receive a nomination for the 2020 South African Music Awards, his track ‘Jerusalema,’ which has over 300 million views on YouTube, is undoubtedly the most popular African dance of the year. Costa Tich, a rising bilingual rapper, receives a standing ovation for his monumental hip hop dance hit ‘Nkalakatha,’ which features local superstars AKA and Riky Rick.

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