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Zadig Abraha’s Response to General Tsadkan

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Ethiopia News – Zadig Abraha Response to General Tsadkan Gebretensae. The expressed asset for the GERD was gotten in a mission coordinated by Badr Ethiopia as a team with Ethiopian Embassy in Washington with the topic “It is my dam”, it was demonstrated. However, the mission was coordinated by Bard, different Ethiopians and Ethiopian beginning dwelling in the US have shown their solidarity and fortitude by effectively partaking in the mission.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the U.S, Fitsum Arega said accomplishment enlisted inside an extremely brief timeframe plainly shows that how the Diaspora people group is skilled in case it is joined for public causes. Delegate Director-General of the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, Mohamed Indris praising the accomplishment, expressed gratitude toward the members and the facilitators.

The Deputy Director has additionally encouraged other Diaspora relationships to escalate their endeavors to help the development of the dam by following the strides of Badr Ethiopia. Badr Ethiopia (BE) or Badr) is a main Ethiopian Muslim association that works outside of Ethiopia.

Badr Ethiopia (International Ethiopian Muslims Organization) has gathered more than 1 million USD for the development of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in a raising support crusade directed in association with the second round filling of the dam.

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