Zebiba and Lemlem on heart and heart

It’s generally typical practice if you and your friend are both business owners (or wannabe business owners) to come up with new business ideas. And if you have a great company idea, you should bring your entrepreneurial energy into the boardroom rather than sitting on your friend’s couch. That might be a wise choice. But keep in mind that there are both appropriate and inappropriate ways to go about beginning a business with a friend. Fair enough, beginning a business is never simple. And we understand that working together with your favorite person might lessen some of that pressure or at the very least make it more enjoyable. That is most definitely a possibility. However, your relationship with your friend will change when you start a business together. Particularly if you’re co-leading a team of employees, you’ll need to engage with each other more professionally during working hours than you would if you were just hanging out at home. Additionally, you must watch out that your tight personal relationship doesn’t lead to shady business tactics. When starting a business with a friend—or anyone, for that matter—emotions can run high, but you must control them if you want to run your company professionally. That’s obviously more difficult to do if your best buddy is working in the adjacent office or if they are the ones causing the negative feelings. So long as you follow a few best practices, starting a business with a friend is definitely possible. When launching a business with a buddy, there are some things you should do and shouldn’t do. We asked a few entrepreneurs who have successfully combined friendship and business to provide their tips.

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