Zebiba and the tiktokers raised 245,000 birr to brother Khalid foundation

Can kindness improve your health? According to a growing amount of studies, being kind can have a good effect on our health and well-being as a whole. Friend in a bind? Assisting a buddy in need can deepen your friendship. Being kind affords us the opportunity to demonstrate someone’s significance to us. Whether it’s your lover, a casual acquaintance, or your UBER driver, being kind strengthens your relationship regardless of its depth. According to study, strong relationships and a stable support system may be the key to happiness. Additionally, research indicates that being kind to others activates the empathy-related posterior superior temporal cortex of the brain. By training our “understanding” muscle, we are better able to see the world from the perspective of others and to listen with kindness and compassion to our friends and family. According to studies, acts of compassion help reduce social anxiety. In one study, college students who scored highly on an examination of social anxiety were divided into three groups. Researchers requested that one group perform three acts of kindness each day, twice per week, for four weeks. The second group was instructed to simply strive to be more social, while the third group was instructed to keep a journal of their social contacts. By completing random acts of kindness, individuals of the first group were exposed to pleasant encounters, which reduced their dread of negative interactions and their general social anxiety.
Kindness to those in need also helps us gain perspective on life. Being helpful to those who are hurting might help us realize that life’s minor obstacles are relatively insignificant by teaching us thankfulness for all that we have.

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