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Zebiba Girma on Seifu show

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After independence, Afwerki’s desire in Eritrea was to unveil one more Eritrean social character among the Tigryans and various groups and clans in Eritrea by demolishing the Tigrinya public social person, improvement, and enthusiasm through heartless social planning, plenitude move, and subjugation in the warmth of public assistance.

In 1994, the TPLF made a choice four-party partnership in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), and set up ethnic-based federalism with the right to withdrawal, guaranteeing Tigray’s more right than wrong to stay aware of its Tigrinya public social person, human progression, and energy.

In any case, for Eritrean President Afwerki, the free Tigray Region and the language-based government structure in Ethiopia were seen as an existential risk to the new Eritrean energy. While the country working in Ethiopia and the district is huge, the ethnic-based federalism was the justification for the 1998-2000 struggle among Eritrea and Ethiopia under the fondness of a limit banter.

The TPLF was the lone foe to debilitate Afwerki’s encounters over the latest 30 years. Regardless, in April 2018, they lost power and control of Addis Ababa, the political and monetary focal point of Ethiopia, and pulled out to Tigray.

Afwerki was restless to supersede the ethnic-based federalism with a geography-based system and to cover the TPLF forever. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, furthermore anxious to have the key position over TPLF, denoted a “Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship” with Afwerki in July 2018. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front hated the arrangement, looking at it as an “evil powers that be.”

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