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Zebiba surprised Hamelmal at her home

There are many other musical styles that might be referred to as Ethiopian music, but it is most usually connected to a pentatonic modal genre that is distinguished by extraordinarily large note-to-note intervals. The four primary modes of Ethiopian Highlands music are “tezeta,” “bati,” “ambassel,” and “anchihoy.” The modes tezeta minor, bati major, and bati minor all have minor and major variations. Numerous songs are given their Qenet titles, notably the sentimental melody Tizita. However, these modes are tempered rather than untempered when played on Western instruments like guitars and pianos (i.e., their pitches conform to the Western-tempered tuning system). Music that is monophonic or heterophonic is commonly used in Ethiopian highland culture. There is a lot of polyphonic music in the southern cities. Dorze polyphonic singing, on the other hand, can have up to five parts (edho). The history of Ethiopian folk music is extensive. Even though popular music is frequently aired on the radio and on CDs, the bulk of musicians still perform traditional music.

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