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Zehabesha daily Ethiopian news on 11 September 2021

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Ethiopia News – Gebregebrestadik, Tigrai Media, TPLF, Tekiw Mirtku. This previous year was a year that Ethiopians showed their flexibility and steadfast soul amidst interior and outside challenges. Ethiopians will recall the evening of November 4, 2020, as probably the most obscure crossroads in Ethiopian history that stunned the country deeply.

We have lost a large number of our bold warriors of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces because of the childish and dangerous TPLF coterie. None of our fighters merited that horrendous demise. In any case, we should recognize their penance by standing unflinching and battling the difficulties presented by the country’s most noticeably awful foe.

Making a unified front against our foes is a definitive honor we can provide for our warriors. The difficulties presented by the TPLF are not finished. We still can’t seem to ensure that our kin in the Amhara, Afar, and Tigray locales are liberated from the grasp of the fear-monger bunch.

We need to ensure that the IDPs are back home and influence individuals to return to their typical lives. I’m profoundly influenced and disheartened by the new animosity and harsh killings of guiltless regular folks, including the old, ladies, and kids in the Amhara and Afar Regions.

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