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Zehabesha daily Ethiopian news on 2 August 2021

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There can be no rejecting that the contention shaking Ethiopia to the center can be settled through a political interaction including all fighting sides in addition to the general population on the loose. Lamentably, the voices of such entertainers as strict pioneers, older folks, educated people, and elites, which can assume a significant part in peacemaking, are not being enough heard on the public stage. It’s good enough for individuals of any country whose very endurance is risked to meet up and deflect the risk in a simple war.

Obviously, allowing harmony each opportunity prior to turning to war assists with forestalling the helpful, monetary, and mental cost that the last involves. It ought to be borne at the top of the priority list that endeavors to achieve a political answer for the emergency immersing Ethiopia through a comprehensive discourse will be exhausting and arduous.

There can be no ensures that the hand of harmony reached out by one side will be responded to by the other. Ethiopians are disappointed by the apparently interminable pattern of contention where there are no champs or failures. Ethiopia has consistently been a country that has been inseparable from anguish. In spite of the fact that it has never attacked another country, it needed to withstand a few conflicts pointed toward oppressing it. Its children and girls might differ on a large group of issues during seasons of harmony yet they remain as one when aggressors jeopardized their power.

Like different countries, nonetheless, it has had and keeps on having something reasonable of double-crossers. The internecine struggles that have denoted its set of experiences have essentially originated from the absence of a culture of participation, common resistance, and reasonable reasoning. Subsequently, it has scorned a large group of changes that might have shifted its direction to improve things.

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