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Zehabesha Daily News July 28, 2021

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Bilene said that the psychological oppressor bunch is irritating guiltless individuals in the Amhara and Afar locales and Tigray to adding that it has likewise held Eritrean outcasts in the area prisoner. TPLF has killed Tigrayan regular citizens in the area whom it thought about supportive of the government, she added.

The fugitive gathering disturbed exercises completed to migrate Eritrean outcasts in camps in Tigray to tranquil regions to different pieces of the nation and killed. As per Bilene, the fear monger association seized and plundered philanthropic things stored in the area for individuals needing help.

The criminal endeavor is additionally enrolling and including youngsters as troopers and utilizing human safeguards by hauling honest individuals to struggle regions, Bilene noted. A huge number of individuals in the nation and abroad have organized energized and decried the psychological oppressor TPLF bunch, she said.

Yet, she expressed, the worldwide local area and the media have kept dead quiet about the abominations being submitted by the psychological oppressor bunch, inquiring “Why?”

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