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Zehabesha Daily News July 29, 2021

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With respect to the current circumstances in the northern piece of the country, Ambassador Dina Mufti said that TPLF has kept ruining the one-sided philanthropic truce jeopardizing individuals of Tigray and especially ranchers.

The psychological oppressor bunch is dispatching new assaults in various regions lining the area with Amhara and Afar jeopardizing the soul of the truce, he said, considering the global-local area to drive the TPLF to regard the truce. Then again, he noted GERD is an advanced task and endeavors to internationalize and securitize it isn’t useful to arranging parties, he clarified, adding that Ethiopia is as yet reliable that the AU-drove three-sided talks over the GERD should proceed soon.

The global-local area should advise Sudan to pull out its soldiers from Ethiopian regions and keep business as usual of the 1972 Exchange of notes between the two nations. Ethiopia-Sudan line question will be settled distinctly through tranquil means

The UN Secretary-General likes the Ethiopian Government’s presentation of philanthropic truce and needs the opposite side to regard that as well, he underlined. Diplomat Dina said Ethiopia has localized in excess of 41,000 countrymen from Saudi Arabia during the previous fourteen days.


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