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Zehabesha Ethiopian News 1 July 2021

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The TPLF Junta power was not in Mekelle when the public armed force began pulling out from the city. It was the individuals who were covering up in the city who were yelling and moving as though they pronounced triumph against the public armed force. The equivalent is valid on account of Adigrat and different towns in the locale. At the point when we began pulling out from Mekele, numerous individuals raised concerns. In any case, the public authority did this is on the grounds that Mekelle is not any more focal point of gravity. It is currently similar to any place in the country. Mekelle has nothing extraordinary that makes it interesting from some other spot of the country, he expressed.

There are numerous individuals who felt irritated because of manufactured accounts of the TPLF Junta through online media outlets. Since, the Junta and its allies were scattering data that they annihilated different regiments, divisions and killed the commanders and other military officials.

It’s anything but a kind of mental fighting. Columnists need to counter bogus promulgation from any power like the TPLF Junta. We need to support propensities for overlooking bogus purposeful publicity flowing on the online media stage except if we will add to expanding of watchers to the post of the adversary when contributing time on that. The Prime Minister additionally asked writers to distinguish and counter bogus stories and teach people in general on the best way to channel such disinformation from reality on the ground.

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