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Zehabesha Ethiopian News on 22 June 2021

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Vote including is as yet going on in some surveying stations in Addis Ababa. With surveying stations the nation over posting starter results, Addis Ababa’s surveying stations have end up being the breakaway. Nefas Silk Lafto, Woreda 2 Anbessa carport surveying station is one of the surveying stations where tallying has not been finished.

Top of the surveying station, Wasihun Teshager, expressed that all-inclusive races that went on until late occupied their checking time and in this way they just figured out how to tally votes in favor of the House of Peoples’ Representatives. He highlighted that the circumstance requested they interfere with checking territorial board votes. The Reporter saw that the vast majority of the resistance onlookers returned home to rest while one of them nodded off in the surveying station.

Political decision authorities and Prosperity party agents were in the surveying station alongside the police. Another of the surveying stations where tallying was suspended was Nefas Silk Lafto eweket amba surveying station 15. Balderas gathering’s delegate, Alemneh Araya, revealed to The Reporter that exhaustion was the principle explanation for the choice to interfere with checking. He commented: “Tallying was coming fine until 4 to 5:00 a.m. Nonetheless, we were unable to proceed to tally provincial chamber votes after that.”


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