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Zehabesha Ethiopian News on 29 May 2021

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The gathering communicated its disappointment over the abnormalities caused chiefly by the officeholder, during a public interview held at its base camp situated around the public arena on Thursday, May 27, 2021. “We have confronted such countless difficulties in our exercises identified with the general cycle of the forthcoming political decision up until this point, and the occupant is continuing on its detestable job of preventing the popularity based interaction of the country,” EZEMA said.

Notwithstanding seeing various holes during the time spent structure a vote based framework in the country and an absence of responsibility from the occupant, the gathering immovably accepts that political decision is the best way to escape this mess, read the presser. “Our understanding for the foundation of a majority rule political framework in the nation is seen as a shortcoming by the decision party. We are additionally seeing some evil propensities by the occupant to remain in power by utilizing the impending political decision as an instrument to expand its ostensible authenticity,” it said.

EZEMA, marked by numerous individuals as a supporter of the decision party, further pointed its finger at other resistance groups and arranged them as “Gatherings that put various snags and crash the democratization cycle in the country.” Even however the gathering blamed the officeholder and its units for the anomalies, it hailed the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) for its push to address and give answers for a portion of the grumblings introduced by the gathering.


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