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Zehabesha News 24 September 2021

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Tigrai Worku Aytenew, Woldia, General Abebaw Tadesse. The Speaker offered the comment during her conversation with the Ethiopian Ambassador to South Sudan Nebil Mahdi. During the event, Ambassador Nebil passed on the celebratory message of the Speaker of the Ethiopian House of Peoples Representatives, Tagesse Chaffo addressed to Jemma Nunu Kumba.

Diplomat Nebil has additionally communicated Ethiopia’s strong obligation to increasing its longstanding associations with South Sudan. The Ambassador has informed the new Speaker of the Transitional Parliament of South Sudan about the current circumstances in Ethiopia, including the Ethiopia-Sudan line struggle and the GERD issue.

He further emphasized the need to make collaborate between the parliaments of the two nations. Talking on the GERD, Ambassador Nebil communicated his conviction that the Transitional Parliament would before long sanction the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement.

The new Speaker of the Transitional Parliament of South Sudan, Jemma Nunu Kumba on her part said Ethiopia has consistently been an asylum to South Sudanese individuals during disturbing occasions. South Sudan is quick to solidify its intimate binds with Ethiopia, she called attention to. The three-sided ought to settle their disparities over the GERD record through discourse, she added, noticing that South Sudan has faith in the fair usage of the Nile River.

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