Home News Zehabesha News 29 April 2021

Zehabesha News 29 April 2021

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Conversations zeroed in on the sixth public political race, arrangement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Ethiopia-Sudan line debate, and the circumstance in the Tigray district. On the event, Ambassador Mulu informed the President on the foundation of the circumstance in Tigray and the most recent circumstance around there.

As to pandemic circumstance, Ambassador Mulu noticed that each care is being taken however much the nations limit is permitting and measures, for example, alarming residents in each call they make by a short message about the risk of the pandemic and different measures are being taken to lessen diseases. The Ambassador noticed that River Nile couldn’t be a wellspring of contention rather is a wellspring of harmony and provincial mix, social connection, and advancement.

Ethiopia immovably accepts the AU worked with exchange will get results tending to the issue, Ambassador Mulu underlined. Minister Mulu additionally noticed that Europe and nations like Germany and Poland are presently considering Ethiopia to be Africa as potential speculation objections.

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