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Zehabesha News July 22, 2021

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Birhanu Julla, the Chief of General Staff of Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), conveyed a broadcast articulation on Monday, July 19, 2021, resolving different issues including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), explanations for the withdrawal of safeguard power from Tigray and ‘redlines’ that will drive the military to get back to Tigray including the preconditions set to acknowledge a truce.

The General opened his comments by complimenting the Ethiopian individuals for the fruitful second round filling of GERD. “Since its initiation, the dam was simply intended to create a hydroelectric force that Ethiopia required severely to fabricate enterprises and mitigate destitution, “he said. He repeated that the riparian nations, Sudan and Egypt, ought to comprehend the way that Ethiopia was building the dam to help its kin’s requirement for power without hurting the adjoining nations.”

He tended to the effective filling of the dam, without influencing the normal progression of the waterway, which as per him was an incredible accomplishment to tell Sudan and Egypt the GERD would not affect them.

He communicated his appreciation for individuals of Ethiopia who were helping the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF). Gen. Birhanu featured that the year was described by interior dangers that brought about uprooting and the killing of numerous individuals. “Individuals of Ethiopia, the guard power, and territorial security powers have arrived at a going section to come full circle endeavors through future works and ideally will demonstrate fruitfully,” he said.


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