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Zehabesha News on 15 March 2021

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GetachewAssefa, General Tadese Werede, Sebehat Nega, Addisalem Balema. Given the negative effects of such heartbreaking conditions on the profitability of organizations, some hung tight for motivating forces that can decrease costs and lift incomes while others needed the public authority to keep business as usual until they recuperate.

Abiy Ahmed’s organization reacted with a progression of measures pointed toward upsetting criminal operations harming the economy. Of the relative multitude of activities, notwithstanding, the guidelines presented by the Central Bank had been generally felt.

From the money withdrawal breaking point to the demonetization, they have affected business exercises both emphatically and contrarily. A couple of insiders in the monetary area questioned the advantages of such measures to control unlawful exchanges and money accumulating, however there was a lot of discussion over the circumstance.

A valid example is the most recent money holding limit presented by the National Bank of Ethiopia recently. While the action denied having in excess of 200,000 Birr in real money, it has influenced organizations that require higher liquidity because of the idea of their work.


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