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Zehabesha News on 27 June 2021

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Named the support of mankind, Ethiopia has a rich history and noteworthy biodiversity reflected in a count of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites more than some other country in Africa and broadly known for its espresso. During a supper gathering facilitated by the international safe haven to feature the highlights of the country, the envoy said guests from Qatar, the two residents, and occupants can visit Ethiopia to investigate the country’s rich legacy.

Addressing the media after the occasion, she said, “The point was to advance Ethiopian the travel industry in Qatar. We have numerous traveler regions in Ethiopia, and we need to welcome finance managers, envoys, the scholarly community, and different guests.”

The travel industry assumes a critical part in Ethiopia’s GDP, contributing $7.4bn to the country’s economy in 2018, an increment of $2.2bn in 2017, as per World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) insights.

The envoy featured the country’s essential area on the horn of Africa between the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, making it ideal for financial backers. “Ethiopia is a country moving with positive energy for financial backers. Because of its essential area in the junction between Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, Addis Ababa is an air transportation center point of Africa. Ethiopia, with its well disposed cordiality, is consistently prepared to invite sightseers and financial backers.”

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