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Zehabesha News on 30 March 2021

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Jaal Maroo, Abiy Ahmed, What’s new with Sudan and Egypt. All things considered, I don’t think the lone explanation is about advancement. As a country, we need to have an unmistakable football framework. Allow me to ask you an inquiry, what’s Ethiopia’s football reasoning, and what about our clubs?

I think such essential inquiries must be addressed first before we talk about the improvement part. Moreover, we need various football foundations in each area. Concerning players, I don’t denounce it by any means. The issue is the exploring. For what reason would we say we are carrying them to Ethiopia? Is it true that they are superior to Ethiopian players? That is the primary inquiry we need to answer first.

Abubakir Nassir was brought up in the Semein Hotel territory of Addis Ababa. His football vocation began in schools and he continued having with his cherished companions taking influence in different Addis Ababa sub-city rivalries. He was viewed as a talented footballer in his area, while still in school.

Also, it was not well before Abubakar pulled in the consideration of youth football projects. His huge break came when he was enrolled by Harar City football club, helping the Ethiopian U-17 National group beat Egypt in 2016.

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