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Zehabesha News On April 2, 2021

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Sebhat Nega, G 7 Countries on Ethiopia, Dr. Abraham, Keria Ibrahim, Demeke Mekonnen. We have accomplished first-round filling of GERD in the wake of defeating high points and low points and we are decidedly ready for second filling”, the president said.

“Our waters are among the significant common assets Ethiopia have been enriched with, and are mainstays of our improvement tries,” she said, adding the River Abay and its feeders are huge possibilities for progressing monetary change of the country.

She said that Ethiopia neglected to use the water assets of River Abay and its other regular assets for monetary purposes for a long time because of restricted abilities and territorial and worldwide conditions, as indicated by the president.

Waterway Abay contributes 2/3 of Ethiopia’s surface waters, Sahle-Work said, adding that it involves endurance and sway to create bowls of the River Abay. GERD is the notable property of Ethiopia’s which they have been working by sharing their abundance, time, work, and information, saying that the dam is the establishment stone to beat neediness and change the existences of residents, the president added.


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