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Zehabesha News update on 14 August 2021

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Ethiopia News – Zehabesha News, Getachew Reda, General Belay, Kumsa Diriba, TPLF. In a selective meeting with the Ethiopian News Agency, the analyst questioned: “How could the Government of Sudan be sure about its solicitation to intercede subsequent to betraying Ethiopia by possessing its property while the country was occupied with the law requirement activity in the north?”

Ethiopia accepts that the pervasiveness of harmony in adjoining nations is essential to make harmony in Ethiopia, the scientist noted, reviewing Ethiopia’s open endeavors to the quiet goal of the Sudanese political difficulties that was refined with extraordinary achievement.

Zahid said that the connection between Ethiopia and Sudan is multi-layered and naturally reliance on individuals of the two nations. The analyst lamented the Sudanese attack into the Ethiopian domain in December 2020, portraying it as a “betray” suddenly from the loving state of Sudan.

Shockingly, some political elites in Sudan have been attempting to discolor the connection between the two nations, and the new hostility completed by the Government of Sudan on the Ethiopian domain could be referred to as one example.

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