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Zehabesha three current informations

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Zehabesha News, Getachew Reda, Gebre Gebrestadkan, TPLF, Abebech Gobena. Abebech Gobena, an Ethiopian noticeable donor who dedicated her life to aiding down and out vagrants in Ethiopia, passed on Sunday at 85 years old, in the wake of getting clinical treatment because of Covid-19. Frequently called by numerous individuals as the Mother Teresa of Ethiopia, Abebech, was the organizer of Abebech Gobena Children’s Care and Development Association, the most seasoned shelter in Ethiopia that has changed the existence of over 1.5 million youngsters.

Abebech had been instrumental in serving places of worship in and outside of Addis Ababa. While on a journey, she experienced two youngsters who lost their folks because of the dry season in Ethiopia in 1980. With the two kids as a ground for activity, she established the Abebech Gobena Child Care and Development Association that very year.

In the course of recent many years, she had really focused on a huge number of kids and upheld 1.5 million individuals through various neediness decrease programs. Thus, she had gotten extraordinary honors and awards from different public and global associations just as a privileged doctorate certification in mankind from Jimma University.

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