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Have you ever wondered why we celebrate our children’s birthdays, holidays, or any other festival? Just keep in mind that this is not merely a holiday tradition. This is a wonderful opportunity to honor and value the people in our lives while also demonstrating to the kids how much we care about them and this family. Celebrations are, in reality, a great and joyous opportunity to show our kids what we believe in. It is simpler to develop a bridge of trust between people when the environment is joyful. While some parents like to plan ahead and become excited for their child’s birthday celebration, some parents would rather forgo all the costs associated with throwing a party or celebration. It might not be beneficial to consistently do this. A child may have various fantasies about their birthday, a holiday, or simply a family gathering. Failing them repeatedly could make kids feel unloved or uncared for in the family. A modest family gathering can suffice in place of an extravagant birthday celebration. It’s possible that some parents feel compelled to celebrate their child’s birthday. It need not be stressful to mark another year of your child’s existence, though. Children are more motivated or thrilled at celebrations when their needs are taken into account, they feel loved, and their emotional needs are met. Therefore, simply extinguishing a candle and enjoying cake might be cause for celebration.

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