Zemen drama actor Mulugeta proposed to his girlfriend

Guys, when the time is right for marriage, you’ll know it. There is no stated duration. When you’ll know, you’ll know. I frequently receive inquiries from people like you who are prepared to step up their commitment from my work as a marriage proposal planner. Just know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or have a fancy setup because she’ll probably say yes nonetheless. But going the extra mile will go a long way if you do choose to make the effort to ask her to be your future bride. Nothing is worse than an artificial marriage proposal. Even if you are a guy of few words, dig deep to speak from your heart, as corny as it may sound. Many traditions are based on antiquated principles. One such custom based on folklore is kneeling when making a proposal. With 100% success, we’ve had guys kneel and not kneel. If you do decide to bow, place your left knee front when doing so. The ring can be held in your right hand using this. Then, perform the opposite, i.e., kneel down and grasp the ring in your left hand, or do whatever comes naturally to you and feels most comfortable. Right now, it doesn’t really matter if you’re kneeling. She wouldn’t reject your offer if she didn’t kneel usually. But if you’re tempted to do so, you may always recreate the perfect proposal moment while on your knees.

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