The 30 years of love story of Serawit and Roman

You both let each other in and don’t hesitate to share your innermost feelings. You never feel like your spouse will reject you or turn away if you take a chance and are genuine. Your partner will reciprocate if you choose to share who you are. Both of you and they are free to tell your truth. Even though you don’t always agree, you have a sense of safety that allows you to divulge and be vulnerable. If you both feel at ease being open and honest with one another about your shortcomings, concerns, and insecurities without passing judgment. Even for someone you love, empathy might be difficult to give. However, if you and your spouse make a constant effort to show compassion and understanding for one another. It can be thrilling, even exhilarating, to fall in love. However, strong emotions could eventually give way to calmer, more subdued ones. This does not imply that there is a problem in your partnership. For many, romantic love is the ultimate objective. You may view this love as the height of romantic experiences, or perhaps the height of life experiences, depending on whether you have fallen in love previously or are still single. But eventually, you may start to think, “I love them,” rather than, “I’m in love with them.” Loving someone shows how feelings of love change over the course of a relationship, especially a long-term one, more so than feeling “in love” with them.

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