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What happen to Artist Aster Aweke

Aster Aweke is an Ethiopian Super Star, craftsman, performer, and performer. She is known as the sovereign of famous music in Ethiopia. She is...


Healthy Life

How to whiten yellow teeth

Everybody needs a delightful, white, show-halting grin. Be that as it may, keeping your grin brilliant and white is troublesome in this cutting-edge world....

How to quickly get rid of belly fat

Is it true that you are charmed by those Internet advertisements professing to know "the key to shedding midsection fat" or "the one stunt...


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Sport News

The truth about the police car that was allegedly captured in Alamata

PM Abiy Ahmed last week told the Parliament that the rising swelling has been one of the difficulties of Ethiopia's financial improvement over the...

Crazy Moments On Sports History

From the exceptional to the silly, we endeavored to get the best 10 practices that add to the substance of school ball. Some on this...

Athlete kenenisa Bekele speech

A protecting warrior who sang from the country and reached the numerous hearts, Boss Bilelign conveyed new music. While countries like Kenya and Rwanda...

Simple sport for good shape

We understand regular practice is valuable for propelling prosperity. In any case, with such incalculable decisions and unlimited information open, it's not hard to...

The final minutes of the match between Ethiopia and Ivory Coast

Competitor Derartu was granted a 350-gram public honor of gold award, 2021 Lexus V8 vehicle, and different prizes in a service held in Addis...