He used to take care of my mother

It is a cause for celebration when an average individual in the job shows up every day to help out or fully support the family. What kind of careers should regular women aim for? What qualities distinguish a strong woman? Strength is more than just bravery; it also implies fearlessness. She needs to be authentic and avoid comparing herself to other people. She needs to be clear about her desires and have a plan in place for achieving them. If a woman is in a leadership role or wants to be one, she needs to be confident, especially when it comes to leading. She must be self-aware in order to gain confidence. Accurate situational reading is a prerequisite for compassion. Being able to do so without coming out as weak is also crucial. It is imperative that her innate maternal spirit and extraordinary feminine empathy be preserved. The scripture affirms that a woman’s true power lies in these attributes: “You are strongest when you are weak.” This is an understanding that enables her to see the demands of people who still aspire to be as strong as she is, without sacrificing discipline.

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