I still believe my mother will return to me

My mother arrived at my elementary school wearing a leopard print bikini on top of white shorts. It was visible, just poking through. She was really that angry. It didn’t matter what she was dressed in. She had a goal in mind. I will elaborate on it shortly. I checked in with a pal yesterday. She wants to join a local club now that she has moved to a new city. The requirement is that one must be sponsored in order to enter, and a woman can only be sponsored by her husband, who must also sign. That’s correct, she needs her husband’s approval to join this club in 2017. Rather than requesting her spouse’s signature, my friend is collecting the signatures of her female. These female friends are EQUAL partners in their homes, have jobs, and raise kids. Of course, my buddy had the option to leave the club if she didn’t agree with its antiquated rules. Rather, she is attempting to educate both men and women in the community about the need to alter the policy. She is teaching kids to STAND UP for themselves by defending herself. She is teaching her daughter how to be a strong woman and advocate for herself. And that’s where my mother enters the picture.My mother stormed into my primary school’s principal’s office while I was in the sixth grade.

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